"The Sat Nav Guide To Your Soul" by Jeff Lloyd

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Follow Jeff as he makes his own spiritual journey as he leaves his roots in Liverpool during the late 1970's.

Working as a gardener in the affluent areas of Ascot,Sunningdale and Guildford,England, he becomes employed by Ringo Starr, meets Paul McCartney, had Zak Starkey (Ringo's son) playing drums in his local band and sang with Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding.Then due to the financial crash of the late eighties his life dramatically changes. He transforms his life from one of a gardener to one of a "healer" In the book Jeff explains how you too  can change your own life by tuning  into your own guidance system (sat nav} to create the life you desire!


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"never underestimate the gift of love..it has no demands"


from The Sat Nav Guide To Your Soul


* Explains why you chose to make your journey

* how to make  changes to your journey

* how you create your own reality

* how to tune into your own guidance system

* get advanced instructions

* up load new co-ordinates


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