"The Sat Nav Guide To Your Soul" by Jeff Lloyd

About  The book

I've been playing about with, and trying my hand at automatic writing and channeling for some years now.Around 2001 a guide came through to me whilst I was doing the automatic writing called Aaron, who informed me we had been together in Egypt over two thousand  years ago and had chosen to be  one of my guides in this life.


I began writing some of his words down and a friend said I should put them in a book which eventually became "The sat nav guide to your soul"


Below are some  examples of those words from the book!

Egypt has a lovely energy around its ancient sites and while there I took some excellent pictures containing Orbs. (see photo page above)

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"If the caterpillar feared the future it may never know the beauty of the butterfly"


"to master the gentle art of love one must give without reward"


"never underestimate the gift of love it has no demands"



    jeff lloyd


I am a Clinical  Hypnotherapist. I also practice Past Life Regression,Spirit Release,

Hands on Healing and EFT (emotional freedom technique) I am based in Wigan, but travel the UK giving workshops, demonstrations and lectures!


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